Kerkiraiki Asfalistiki was founded in 1972 by Dimitris Kantarelis, a pioneer of his time, as the concept of private insurance in Greece was unknown in those years. Shortly after, he established the company in a small office in Corfu town, his passionate and straightforward approach being largely appreciated by the local community.

Back then, the company mostly offered car and health insurance programs. Today, after 45 years, that “small office” is now a modern company with a strong presence in the Greek market. It still continues to be a family-run business, in the hands of Petros Kantarelis, son of Dimitris, always respecting the principles and standards of its founder. Petros Kantarelis managed to expand the company’s services, offering a wide range of insurance policies in collaboration with his qualified and experienced personnel. Kerkiraiki Asfalistiki is the most popular and reliable insurance company in Corfu, having earned the support and trust of many customers. Our passion, professionalism and the commitment to all of you encouraged us to open two more offices in northern Corfu to best serve the needs and requirements of locals.

The valuable skills and know-how we earned, since the company’s founding, have led us to provide our customers with a variety of low-cost but high quality insurance programs. We keep striving to work with respect and honesty towards our customers and our business associates. But above all, we pride ourselves to share the same interests as you. We always try to keep a long-term collaboration and relationship with our customers because we understand that they are all unique. Our insurance services are individually designed so that they meet your interests and needs. The qualified and experienced personnel is always at your disposal, to solve any inconvenience you may be facing and deal with any doubt you may have about the future.

Whether you are interested in a Home, Car, Business, Health or any other insurance, Kerkiraiki Asfalistiki is here for you. Because we want to be more than an insurance company; we want to be an ally for a more secure future.

Contact us and we will do the best for you