Civil Liability Insurance

The value of feeling safe facing any potential situation that may pose a problem, or even worse, may put you at risk, simply cannot measured.

Because no matter how careful one is, there is a great number of factors that can lead to unfortunate situations at little or greater cost. It is therefore extremely important to be protected at all times.

And this is precisely what the civil liability insurance programs offered by Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki are designed to do. But first and foremost, we ought to clearly define what civil liability is.

According to its legal definition, Civil Liability refers to cases where a citizen is required to reimburse another party after causing them personal injury or property damage resulting from his own act, omission or negligence.

Considering the aforementioned definition of civil liability, we can see that it is a vaguely defined concept, since its content is general without clearly stating the requirements that the person sustaining damage may impose on the person claimed to be liable.

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And that is exactly the reason why every citizen should take the appropriate precautions against being exposed to such risks. Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki proposes civil liability insurance programs that make sure you are fully covered, even in cases of negligence that may cause accidents or material damage to third parties.
Always striving to be there for you, from the most simple to the most difficult situations, with our carefully planned third party liability insurance programs, we provide the insurance coverage that every citizen needs when faced with an unfortunate situation that could happen to anyone.

Consult our series of civil liability insurance programs and plans covering personal liability, family liability and homeowner’s insurance, specifically designed to meet a citizen’s every need in a modern society.

Contact our team of specialists in Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki and let them help you choose the program that suits your needs. Rest assured that in cases of third-party insurance claims, Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki’s services will take immediate action to help you quickly leave this incident in the past.

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