Pension plans and Life Savings Insurance

After a lifetime of hard work, what everyone needs and deserves is to enjoy a peaceful retirement full of choices and possibilities.
Retirement is the time for a person to enjoy the fruits of their labour, that, no matter how rewarding, was confined to a strictly professional context and was characterized by the daily struggle to earn their livelihood.

For this reason it is necessary to feel confident that nothing will come between you and your right to experience a carefree period of relaxation during your retirement.

The ultimate solution when it comes to ensuring this hard-earned right is provided by Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki’s pension plans and life savings insurance plans. Find the policy that meets your own requirements and retirement goals and make the major move that will bring you everything you have been dreaming of for your future.

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The reasonable concerns that arise from the economic uncertainty of our times regarding the Greek social security system, make it imperative to seek for modern pension plans that can guarantee a safe future.

Despite this cloud of uncertainty hanging over you, you do have a choice; Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki’s trusted pension plans give you flexible solutions and retirement options that guarantee financial independence and the necessary security for the future.

Now you have the power to create the future you desire with the help of a series of carefully selected pension and savings programs. Discover flexible savings programs that will help you gradually build the capital you will benefit from when you choose to.

In Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki, we value saving, as a means to achieve a higher quality of life. We provide insurance plans that help you set aside a chosen amount of money on a regular basis. These savings may turn out to be your safety net in the event of an unfortunate situation in the future or an important financial aid for your children and will be there to cater to your every need. Saving this capital for your retirement age may even enable you to obtain a high-value asset later in life.

Securing high living standard for the future is not a utopian vision, but a real possibility. And it can be your own reality, offering you a life in your own terms.

Turning to private insurance retirement plans is not just another choice, but the way to go in order to enjoy your life just as you wish. With deep understanding of current, difficult financial conditions and demands of our time as well as sympathy for your concerns, we propose retirement and savings solutions tailored to your personal needs.

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