Travel insurance

A truly successful trip consists in reaching your destination and returning safely, having collected beautiful memories. For all of you who like to travel frequently, whether in Greece or abroad, the solution to any negative events that may affect your trip is the travel insurance plans proposed by Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki.

We provide private travel insurance plans, carefully designed to offer a variety of options, so that you are covered in any negative situation that may arise.

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Travel with security, safe from any unpleasant experience or unforeseen event that may occur during your planned trip, causing stress and adding unnecessary problems. Feel secure no matter where you are, with programs that even cover medical emergencies, should they arise.

Live your travelling experience to the fullest, regardless of your means of transport, resting assured that your safety is in good hands. With our private travel insurance plans, you are in for nothing but pleasant surprises while travelling!

Preparing for a trip is much more than just packing luggage!