Vehicle insurance

Prevention is the only way forward!
Insure your vehicles and cruise stress-free on every route. The only thing that matters before embarking on a journey, whether long or short, is that you and your loved ones feel safe.

And because we in Kerkyraiki Insurance empathize with this need, we offer carefully selected vehicle insurance programs for cars, motorbikes or boats, covering all the requirements of each individual owner.

Our vehicle insurance programs include multiple, flexible options, so that you feel comfortable while travelling, and without having to worry even when your vehicle is parked or stopped, whether you are riding or not.

Contact us today and let us help you choose the vehicle insurance program that suits you best, for your car, motorbike or boat! In Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki we make sure that each vehicle insurance bears your name and personal touch!

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Car insurance

Every day, most of us spend many hours in our car. It is almost as if our car is our second home! And what do we need to always feel at home? Safety and security!

Despite the fact that car insurance is a formal obligation of every Greek citizen, its significance is actually much greater, considering that it has got us covered, before any negative situation arises while we are on the road.

Kerkyraiki Insurance has created a full range of car insurance programs to cater to all your needs, so that you stay calm and stress-free both when you are behind the wheel or and when your vehicle is parked. Having great experience in the field of car insurance, we offer flexibility through multiple insurance options for your car.

Enjoy safe city driving and cruising, making your car something far more secure and reliable than.. a mere four-wheeled metal box. Kerkyraiki Insurance predicts and covers any possible unpleasant scenario that may put a car owner in a difficult situation, ensuring immediate financial compensation in any case.

In Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki, your car is our responsibility. Learn more about our car insurance programs, choose the insurance package that suits you best and drive on!

Motorbike insurance

Whether your bike is your first choice of transport, or you use it occasionally, in Greece or abroad, or even if you are just riding to explore the beautiful island of Corfu, Kerkiraiki Asfalistiki will keep you safe while you are on the road. Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement in order to ride with safety.

We offer you full coverage of your vehicle, constantly trying to meet your needs and requirements. Our company’s goal is to have you covered at all times, from a simple road traffic control to a possible accident.

Kerkiraiki Asfalistiki can provide you with the ideal insurance package in order to feel safe and comfortable in every route. Our customer service offers you full support, always guaranteeing the company’s reliability.

Civil liability insurance is mandatory for all vehicles according to Greek legislation and necessary in order to determine the amount of compensation for persons injured or objects damaged in instances where your vehicle holds responsibility according to the Greek highway code.

Boat Insurance

It is no mere chance that the Greeks have always been keen sailors. Since ancient times, they recognized the importance of the sea, but most of all they understood how critically important it was to navigate the sea safely.

In a country surrounded by sea, hundreds of islands and even more beaches, boat owners constitute an important part of the population. This is why safeguarding sea transport is of capital importance. The insurance programs proposed by Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki guarantee that it will only be smooth-sailing for you from now on. A fully updated set of insurance packages, covering all types of vessels, prevents any unfortunate incidents from occurring while your boat is away from the shore, whether in your presence or not.

Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki offers you specialized boat insurance programs to ensure that you feel safe from any threat that may emerge while on board and preventing financial loss in the event of material damage or physical injury caused by your vessel to others. You are protected against the risk of theft, material damage as well as a multitude of accidents caused by third parties, or even natural disasters, even when your boat is anchored. We have the solution to any unforeseen situation that you can encounter with your boat out in the sea, predicting everything from the most minor of incidents to the most serious ones regarding the safety of you as well as of your vessel.

Boat Insurance packages by Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki ensure that each and every boat owner get what they want; specializing in sea routes, we have collected and we recommend the specific insurance program that best suits your needs, employing our years of experience in the field.

Get it today and you will never have to sail in uncharted waters!