Aquaculture Insurance

Like any professional sector with special requirements, fish farming presents certain needs that must be daily addressed.

As they are aquatic production units, fish farms need to fulfill great obligations in order to be profitable. Moreover, due to a significant increase in exports of their products in the last few years, a fish farm’s daily operation becomes all the more demanding.

All this increases the risk assumed by a fish farmer, who has already invested substantial amounts of money in his business. An investment potentially threatened by a range of risks involved, for which they must take the appropriate preventive measures.

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In Cfu Insurance, we are deeply aware of the needs that fish farmers themselves have to address. That is why we are there for them offering a range of aquaculture insurance plans, tailored to cover any risk that may arise.

Choosing Cfu Insurance’s flexible aquaculture insurance plans, every professional fish farmer can focus all his attention on their business’s needs.