Holiday Let Insurance

Greece is a country boasting many islands and wonderful locations in both seaside and mountain areas. Its ideal position makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This explains why tourism is considered to be the heavy industry of Greece, involving a wealth of restaurant and accommodation services. In Kerkyraiki Insurance we value and invest in tourism, as it is one of the most important sources of revenue in our country. We offer flexible programs for insuring rooms to let, designed to meet every professional’s needs.

Every year, thousands of visitors arrive in our country to enjoy their holiday, with a large variety of rooms to let available for them to choose from. That is why every owner of such rooms must be properly prepared to make sure that everything works just fine even in the face of unforeseen events.

It is important that they protect their business with the appropriate insurance plans, so that they are covered against any problem that may arise and potentiallyharm their investment.

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Especially during the summer months, there is an increased risk of fire, as well as other unforeseen natural phenomena that may have devastating effects on a small hotel business. It is not uncommon even for cases of theft to be reported, which are difficult to hold in check during the peak season. So why let yourself face any nasty surprises?

Cfu Insurance is deeply aware of the needs and demands of the hospitality industry and that is why it designs and proposes insurance solutions that will safeguard your interests. Employing our great experience in the hospitality and tourism industry insurance sector, we provide complete insurance plans for rooms to let that cover all the needs of their owners.

Let us help you find the insurance coverage that best suits your business and allows it to prosper. Holiday let insurance is not just another option; it is an essential tool to ensure competitiveness, survival and prosperity for you and your business.