Product Liability Insurance

Any business that wishes to increase profit in order to achieve growth, should consider all factors that could potentially pose a problem. That is why it places particular emphasis not only on providing optimal services to its customers, but also on standing ready to deal with any case where one of its products constitutes the cause of harm to one of them.

This involves the concept of product liability, which concerns companies producing or distributing various products such as food and beverage, parts and accessories for machinery, household, commercial and industrial articles.
Our product liability insurance plans protect your business against third parties and consumers who may claim compensation for damage, such as personal injury, even death and / or material damage caused by a defective product of your company.

Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki’s product liability insurance plans offer the necessary flexibility to enhance coverage of your business, a much-needed asset for any company to face up to a range of unpredictable challenges that may arise concerning their products and those who consume them.

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Product liability insurance is an important issue that requires the attention of every business, especially in our day and age. Today’s competitive climate together with the economic crisis increase distrust. This in its turn gives rise to complaints and reactions by consumers that may target your products much more often than you could imagine.

A business, for its part, is directly responsible for any damage caused to a consumer, due to a defect in its product. Cases where a consumer affected by a product may proceed against the producing company include damages due to defective product design, production errors, false directions or failure to provide adequate warning.

Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki is a key supporter of every business, offering a range of flexible and personalized options regarding product liability insurance, so that every business has the protection it needs.

Choose the insurance plan that caters to your business’ needs and prevent any serious financial losses that may result from consumer complaints.
Insure your business against product liability thus making the investment that can take it to the next level.