Vehicle insurance

If motor insurance is considered necessary for private vehicles, then it definitely constitutes an integral part of a professional driver’s job. Every employee wants to feel confident and secure in their workplace. But what happens when their workplace is out on the road, that is when it has to do with driving?

Each and every professional driver is very much aware of how difficult it is to spend countless hours behind the wheel, for short or long distances. They are constantly exposed to the risks of highways, having to ensure the safety of their clients, of the goods that they carry as well as the safety of their commercial vehicle.

In Corfu Insurance, we value the importance of safety for every commercial vehicle and we provide unique, well thought-out programs including taxi insurance, commercial truck insurance and agricultural vehicle insurance. With these carefully selected and flexible insurance plans, you will stay safe in any negative situation.

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Business Car Insurance

A company’s fleet constitutes one of its most important assets. Used in a series of necessary daily tasks, such as staff transport, transporting goods, or engaging in activities off the company’s base, company vehicles play an important role in the overall smooth running of a business.

This makes it clear how important company vehicle insurance really is. In Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki we propose flexible and personalized insurance plans for all types of company vehicles, so that every business can drive on the safe side.

Choose the appropriate insurance plan for company vehicles of all types and give your business the confidence it needs to comfortably face up to every challenge.

For those who do not want to leave anything that has to do with their business to chance, Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki is here for you.

Taxi insurance

For professional taxi drivers, their car is far more than just a means of daily transport. It is their chosen means of earning a living to support themselves and their families.

Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki could never watch from the sidelines on such an important issue; choose one of our top taxi insurance policies and ensure safety for your professional future, no matter which road you take!

Even in these difficult times of crisis in Greece, Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki is there to help every taxi driver, offering special taxi insurance plans through flexible packages meeting the heavy demands of the industry.

Having thoroughly studied all factors relating to the professional activity of a taxi driver, from specific requirements of the industry to everyday struggles presented in reports and statistics, we propose a series of insurance plans that prevent any negative situation, protecting the driver as well as their professional space.

Insure your taxi with Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki’s specialized professional insurance plans for taxi drivers and equip ensure the safety of your career, your customers and family!

Commercial truck insurance

When others stop, you carry on. With Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki in the passenger seat, every professional truck is on the road to safety.

Truck drivers practice one of the most difficult professions. Long distances and long hours behind the wheel, night-time driving together with heavy loads make for a profession implying high levels of fatigue, which is hard for both the driver and their vehicle.

All this increases the chances of a unpleasant incident that may come at a serious human cost.
…But not for those who have chosen Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki to insure their truck, choosing one of our specialized commercial truck insurance plans!
We offer versatile solutions regarding truck insurance that fully cover the increased needs of a professional truck driver, preventing any major or minor event that may compromise their safety or the safety of their vehicle.

Now every professional truck driver can feel safe with Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki on their side. We are there for you on every route, offering professional truck insurance plans covering all possibilities.

We do not just prevent risks… We protect human life!

Agricultural Vehicles Insurance

Agricultural vehicles are essentially the driving force of one of the most vital sectors for the Greek economy, that is the primary agricultural sector.
Great numbers of agricultural vehicles operate daily all around Greece, and this goes to show how important their contribution to everyday life activities is in Greece.

Such an important sector should not, by any means, be left to chance. Insuring agricultural vehicles is essential to ensuring the safe and smooth operation of agricultural production, protecting every professional farmer.

Focus on the heavy responsibilities any rural occupation involves, with no additiona stress, insuring your agricultural vehicles with Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki’s specialized professional programs for drivers.

Farming already involves a great deal of unforeseen circumstances on its own, to have you worry about protecting your professional vehicles. That is why Kerkyraiki Asfalistiki offers specialized professional insurance plans for a agricultural vehicles.

Any issue you may encounter, be it simple or more complicated, can be well prevented by securing your agricultural vehicle, so that you can look to the future with confidence.