Shipping Insurance

Insurance concerning the transfer of goods constitutes one of the oldest forms of insurance to be legally defined and was even used in ancient cultures.

With our shipping insurance policies, Cfu Insurance intends to provide coverage on every item sent, in case they are damaged lost or stolen at any stage of their transit to any possible destination.

Those who are professionally involved in the field of transport, are well aware of the importance and great responsibility associated with the safe transfer and handling of high-value items. Daily freight transport, long distances, unpredictable weather conditions or road safety hazard are just a few of their profession’s difficulties that may also pose a threat to the transported goods, potentially damaging them or compromising the transit’s safety and efficiency. Many imponderables may result in total or partial damage of the transported goods, with you being immediately accountable to their owner.

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Cfu Insurance gives all those involved in trade and transport activities the necessary protection against any unpleasant or damaging situation. The feeling of safety Cfu Insurance gives you is the key to confidently facing up to all challenges and boldly expand your business activities. The minor insurance cost is nothing compared to protecting your interests and profits.

Cfu Insurance’s experienced staff is consistent and understanding of your needs and will always be next to every professional, in order to provide them with the support they need to meet rising modern requirements. Choose the shipping insurance plan that best suits your professional needs and worry no more about any transit related issues.